5 Stunning Responsive E-commerce Themes for Shopify

5 Stunning Responsive E-commerce Themes for Shopify

Are you planning to start an online store? There are many e-commerce themes and site builders that you can settle on for an excellent e-commerce store. Shopify offers you diverse options of themes from which to choose. With the increase in the number of people using mobile phones nowadays, having a responsive theme is all you need to attract and retain the right visitors to your store. As such, you need to optimize your store for mobile customers.

Here are reliable and highly responsive e-commerce themes for Shopify.


Solo is one of the best e-commerce themes for Shopify, which is suitable for small-scale businesses. Its design focuses on giving your store a stunning appearance irrespective of the business that you’re operating. Some of the amazing features in this theme include the ability to re-arrange your homepage, a platform for showcasing one product at the center and front, as well as a design that is highly responsive.


If you have ever looked for website themes that are highly responsive, then Brooklyn is in this category. It is designed to change its look on any given resolution of skin – while when resized or zoomed out the window screen, Brooklyn gives an excellent appearance. The implication is that it is best for viewing products from any device, whether on a mobile or personal computer.  Also, the colors, fonts, and images are easy to change at will.


Supply is yet another outstanding Shopify theme. It is best suited for stores that run large inventories. Its design features an easy to use interface where you can arrange all your products easily according to their categories. Some of the features that make this theme stand out include sidebar filtering, numerous homepage collections, prominent navigation, as well as the ability to integrate apps for reviewing products.

New Standard

The new standard theme from Shopify can be used to sell any product. The reason for this is that it has a minimalist design that is clean and highly responsive.  Also, it includes other essential features for an e-commerce such as mobile optimization and highly responsive layouts.


Not many themes for e-commerce website can bring out the beauty of your products in a trendy style. With the minimal theme, all your products’ images are displayed clearly such that they grasp the attention of the visitors to your website easily. Additionally, the minimal theme comes with different and nice features including a layout option for collections, product reviews, typography choices, and navigation styles.

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